H2020 PROJECT MSCA-RISE MELON « Memristive & multiferroic materials for logic units in nanoelectronics» (2020-24) Project Coordinator

H2020 PROJECT H2020-ITN “Materials for Neuromorphic Circuits - MANIC”, 2019-22, PI

PHC STEFANIK France-Slovakie (Foreign Ministry action) “Multilevel logic units for neuromorphic computing” 2018-2019, Coordinator

H2020 PROJECT H2020-RISE “Engineering of Nanostructures with Giant Magneto-Piezoelectric and Multicaloric Functionalities– ENGIMA”, 2018-21, Proposal Writer, Management, President of Steering Committee

H2020 PROJECT H2020- ITN “Novel type of THz devices – NOTEDEV”, 2012-16, PI

PHC IMHOTEP France-Egypt (Foreign Ministry action) “Multiferroic Oxides”, 2012-2013, Coordinator

FP7 PROJECT FP7-Peoples-IRSES “Routes to Bose-Einstein Condensation at Room Temperature - ROBOCON”, 2009-2012, Coordinator

FP7 PROJECT FP7-IRSES “Terahertz applications of carbon-based nanostructures - TERACAN”, 2009-2012, Local node coordinator

Grant UNESCO for Organization of the Training School for young Researchers "Mediterranean School on Nano-Physics", 2010, Coordinator

PHC ALLIANCE France-UK (Foreign Ministry action) «Domains Engineering in Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Nanostructures», 2009-2011, Coordinator

ACI CAPES-COFECUB France-Brazil (Foreign Ministry action) «New Electronic Properties of Metal-Insulator Transition», 2005-2008, Coordinator

PAI VOLUBILIS France-Morocco (Foreign Ministry action) “TTB Ferroelectric-relaxors: a New Family of Materials for Microelectronics”, 2007-2011, Coordinator

ANR blanc Inst. Néel-Orsay-Amiens (national French project) “Local manipulation of collective quantum processes in correlated electronic states”, 2007-2010, Partner

Grant NATO for Workshop “Smart Materials for Electronics, Communication and Security”, 2007, Director

Grant ONRG (Office of Naval Research Global), London for Workshop “Smart Materials for Electronics, Communication and Security”, 2007, Director

Convention of Cooperation between University of Bangui and University of Amiens, supported by Foreign Ministry and French Embassy in Central African, 2006, Coordinator

NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant: France-Spain-Morocco “New ferroelectric materials for electronics”, 2002-2005, Coordinator