Vortex Lattices

  I. Luk'yanchuk     

    The  book reviews the one of the most important phenomenon of the contemporary condenced matter physics - the vortex lattices in superconductors superfluids and even in the neutron stars. These vortices appear as a responce of the quantum system on the external perturbation. They  have the macroscopic size and are detectable experimentally.
    The mechanism of the current flow in the vortex state is considered. The special emphasis to the review of the recent studies of the vortices in the High-Tc materials is given.
     For the large circle of readers.

1. Introduction
2. The vortices in an ideal liquid.
3. Vortex lattice in superfluid 4He
4. Vortex state in superconductor
5, Vortex pinning and creep in the type-II superconductor
6. 2D melting and Kosterlitz-Thouless vortices
7. Vortices in High-Tc superconductors: the experiment
8. Vortices in High-Tc superconductors: the theoretical models
9. Superfluid vortices in neutron stars
10. Referencies

Znanie press, Moscow, 1991