Selected publications

Smart Materials for Energy, Communications and Security

ed. I. Lukyanchuk, D. Mezzane
Springer Verlag, 2008
I. Lukyanchuk, Vortex Lattices
book, published  by
Znanie Press, Moscow 1991

Symmetry Relationship and Strain-Induced Transitions between Insulating M1 and M2 and Metallic R phases of Vanadium Dioxide
A. Tselev, I. A. Luk’yanchuk, I. N. Ivanov, et al. Nano Lett. 10, 4409 (2010);

Mesoscopic metal-insulator transition at ferroelastic domain walls in VO2
A. Tselev, V. Meunier, E. Strelcov, W.A. Shelton , I.A. Luk’yanchuk, et. al ACS NANO 44412 (2010)

Interplay between Ferroelastic and Metal−Insulator Phase Transitions in Strained Quasi-2D VO2 Nanoplatelets
A.Tselev, E. Strelcov, I. Luk’yanchuk et al. Nano Lett. 10 203 (2010)

rSuggestionigin of ferroelastic domains in free-standing single-crystal ferroelectric films  
I. Luk'yanchuk, A. Schilling, J.M. Gregg, et al., Phys. Rev. B 79, 144111 (2009) 

Searching for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Graphite

Y. Kopelevich, B. Raquet, M. Goiran,... I. A. Lukyanchuk,.; et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 103, 116802 (2009) 

Universal Properties of Ferroelectric Domains

I.  Luk'yanchuk, L. Lahoche, A. Sene, Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 147601 (2009) 

Lattice-induced double-valley degeneracy lifting in graphene by a magnetic field,
I. Luk'yanchuk and A. Bratkovsky; Phys. Rev. Lett., 100, 176404, (2008)

Dirac and normal fermions in graphite and graphene: Implications of the quantum Hall effect
I. A. Lukyanchuk and Y. Kopelevich, Phys. Rev. Lett., 97, 256801 (2006)

Domain-enhanced interlayer coupling in ferroelectric/paraelectric superlattices;

V. A. Stephanovich, I. A. Luk'yanchuk, and M. G. Karkut; Phys. Rev. Lett.,  94 047601 (2005)

Phase analysis of quantum oscillations in graphite,
I. Luk'yanchuk, Y. Kopelevich, Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 166402 (2004)

special issue "Domains", V.290-292
ed. I. Lukyanchuk, P. Saint-Gregoire
Taylor & Francis, 2003
Editorial                              Content
special issue "IMMEA" V. 372
ed. I. Lukyanchuk, D. Mezzane
Taylor & Francis, 2007
Editorial                                Content

Interaction of vortices in superconductors with kappa close to 1/sqrt(2)

F. Mohamed, M. Troyer, G. Blatter, and I. Luk'yanchuk; Phys. Rev. B 65, 224504 (2002)

Theory of superconductors with kappa close to 1/sqrt(2)

Thermodynamics of the incommensurate state in Rb2WO4: The Lifshitz point in A2BX4 compounds
I.Luk'yanchuk, A. Jorio, and P. Saint-Grégoire; Phys. Rev. B 61, 3147 (2000)

Basal-plane incommensurate phases in hexagonal-close-packed structures

I. Luk'yanchuk, A. Jorio, and M. A. Pimenta: Phys. Rev. B 57, 5086 (1998)

Phase transition between the cholesteric and twist grain boundary C phases

A novel type of incommensurate phase in quartz: The elongated-triangle phase

P. Saint-Grégoire, E. Snoeck, C. Roucau, I. Luk'yanchuk, and V. Janovec; JETP Lett. 64, 410 (1996)

High-resolution 13C NMR study of oxygen intercalation in C60
P. Bernier, I. Luk'yanchuk, Z. Belahmer, M. Ribet, and L. Firlej; Phys. Rev. B 53, 7535 (1996)

Electronic localization in Rb4C60 from bulk magnetic measurements

I. Lukyanchuk, N. Kirova, F. Rachdi, et al.  Phys. Rev. B 51, 3978 (1995)

High-resolution 13C nuclear magnetic resonance in alkali intercalated fullerene C60

J. Reichenbach, F. Rachdi, I. Luk'yanchuk, et al.  J. Chem. Phys. 101, 4585 (1994) 

Superconducting phases of UBe13 and U1 – x Thx Be13

I. A. Luk'yanchuk and V. P. Mineev;  JETP Lett. 47, 543 (1988) 

Diamagnetic limit of superconductivity with triplet pairing

I. A. Luk'yanchuk and V. P. Mineev;  JETP Lett. 44, 233 (1986)