"Y’en a qui élèvent des gosses au fond d’un H.L.M.
Y’en a qui roulent ... du Brésil en Ukraine..."         

Patricia Kaas “Mademoiselle chante le blues”

Having Ph.D and first research position in Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics (1990) I had a great opportunity to collaborate with world-famous creators of modern Solid State Theory.  Their guide idea of the predominant fundamental Physical Principle helps me further to switch easily between such different objects as superconductors, magnetic materials, fullerenes, ferroelectrics etc, to profit the generality of theoretical approaches.

Working hereafter in Germany (91-92, 99-00), Brazil (96-99), Swiss (2000) and France (92-96, 01-…), I always tried to follow these high research and teaching standards, keeping the close relations with other members of Landau School.  Another important experience I got from my world-carrier-tour is the flexibility of research methods and ideas provided by the great variety of scientific cultures.

Taking in 2001 the Professor position in University of Picardy and adopting this experience to local realities I am trying to keep the delicate balance between collaboration with experimentalists and fundamental theoretical research, teaching, supervision of PhD students and management of research projects.

Creating the compact modeling group in North of France we arrived to occupy the important niche in the world research in ferroelectric domains. To follow the trends of the rapidly varying scientific market I maintain the collaborative links with the famous scientific centers: ILL-Grenoble, HP-Labs (Palo Alto, CA), University of Cambridge, Unicamp-Brazil, that e.g. led to identification of Dirac Fermions in Graphite (I. L. and Y. Kopelevich,  Phys. Rev. Lett., 93, 166402 (2004)) – the precursor discovery for recent “Graphene boom”.

Coordination of collaboration with Mediterranean Dialogue countries is another important part of my activity. Starting in 2002 from small NATO linkage grant France-Spain-Morocco we created the network MeM: “Mediterranian electronic Materials” ( Using different collaboration tools: ACI VOLUBILIS, PhD(s) “en cotutelle”, Habilitations, International meetings (PREMME-2006, IMMEA-2007) we expanded this network to another countries of Maghreb: Egypt, Tunis, Algeria and Mauritania.

This activity was highly appreciated by French Foreign Affaires Ministry at the recent NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Smart Materials for Electronics, Communication and Security” (ARW SMECS) that we held in Marrakech, in Dec. 2007. In future we plan to amplification of the horizontal Mediteranian links in Material Science for Electronics and Renewable Energies and creation of the collaboration (research and teaching) axe France-Morocco-Mauritania in Tele-detection and Image recognition for Environmental Security.

Believing in the necessity of high-level research in “Small University” I am trying to use all my knowledge and expertise to select the quality, competence and long-range recruiting strategy as decisive criteria of scientific policy.