Mediterranean Dialogue

Organization and coordination of the Network "Mediterranean electronic Materials"   MeM

Having the NATO collaborative Linkage grant in 2002  we created  the research network "Mediterranean electronic Materials"   MeM that joint the researchers from North Africa countries:  Morocco, Alger, Tunis and Egypt.

We organized the series of International Meetings on Materials for Electronic Applications (IMMEA) of this network in 2003 (Marrakech), 2005 (Er-Rachidia), 2007 (Marrakech, 200 participants), 2009 , 2009 (Hammamet, Tunis, 300 participants)



and NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Smart Materials for Electronic Communication and Security” - ARW-SMECS. The next IMMEA-2011 is programmed to be in Adana, Turkey.


In 2009 we awarded by European FP7-IRSES mobility grant “ROBOCON”

The MEM activity is also supported by French-Moroccan Foreign Ministry bilateral program  PAI-VOLUBILIS  "TTB ferroelectric-relaxors : the new family of materials for Microelectronics"